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Check out all of my latest and oldest artworks right here in these galleries! :library: :gallery:


I have many favorites. Check them out and see if there's anything else that you would also like to favorite, too! :+fav:

Let It Go (English)

Let It Go (Vietnamese)

Let It Go (Japanese)

Discovering W.I.T.C.H.

My Personal History of W.I.T.C.H.

In 2001 during the year of the first released issue of W.I.T.C.H., I was a 12 year old girl still in the sixth grade and drawing anime style characters, such as Sailor Moon, terribly (I am self-taught in free-hand drawing and I have never took a drawing class). I didn't know of its existence until I saw a commercial about a new animated series called W.I.T.C.H. on the Jetix channel. At the time I didn't pay much attention to it because I was into "Digimon" ( and still am!). A few months later when it was mid-way through the airing of the first season, I got bored enough to watch an episode. At first, I thought that it was interesting and okay, but I wasn't entire hooked yet. A few weeks later after watching my first W.I.T.C.H. episode on television, my family took me and my younger brother to the nearby bookstore. There, I saw the American (slightly censored) version of the original comic series. At first, I thought that it was one of those silly comic adaptation from the animated series and didn't realized that it was actually the other way around until I did some research. I sat there in the bookstore reading the very first 6 issues compacted into 3 books and immediately saw how much of big difference it is from the animated series. I started to watch more episodes of the series, including the ones that I missed and I started to do some more research on its history. By then, I was officially hooked. I fell in love with its unique ways of story-telling and artistic style and I felt that there was a certain charm to it that I have never felt before.

After waiting months on end for the American released, I got impatient and went online instead. To my luck, I was able to find a gold mine of comic scans online and began to read those instead. After years of reading WITCH, I also began to notice the difference as it transitioned itself from one saga to the next. I noticed the changes in the art styles, then the story-telling, then the entire thing which, I admittedly think, is now crap (the changes, not the entire WITCH universe). What was once a magical experience, I find WITCH now somewhat tasteless and a shell of its former glory. There were some issues that I still think was good, while others were so terrible and childish that it makes me preferred its rival, Winx Club, more than itself (Yes, it's that bad). I am now very disappointed that WITCH isn't as great as it used to be, and I find myself criticizing some of its new issues even more. Some people might ask me, "If you don't like it, then why bother continuing to read it?" My only answer is because I can't find myself to hate it entirely. W.I.T.C.H. has been around for a while and I fell in love with it as a teenager. Although I do find that it lost most of its magical touch, there are still some moments which I thought was wonderful enough for me to continue reading.

After ten years, W.I.T.C.H. has changed greatly, but personally, I still find that it still has that certain amount of charm that I just couldn't discard easily. W.I.T.C.H. comics has been a great inspiration to me in more ways than one, and to this day I am grateful to it. After drawing countless works, I finally made a small switch to WITCH art style. Although not best at first (as I'm still learning) I suddenly find myself drawing my own W.I.T.C.H. fanart calendar series, started my very first fan-comic side story of C.H.Y.K.N. (WITCH's predecessors), and now I'm slowly developing my new idea for a full blown WITCH fan-saga (called WITCH: Dreams of Lusteria)!

My interests

My interests

Digimon Frontier

+Digimon Frontier+ by BlackgatomonFrontier Stamp by NorixcaI Support: Koukou Stamp by TheSilverAkita+Kouji Minamoto Stamp+ by BlackgatomonFairymon Stamp by SpadaStampsTakumi Stamp by SpadaStampsLowemon Stamp by SpadaStampsAngry Izumi Stamp by fireangel6Takumi Stamp 3 by fireangel6Stamp - Kouji by ashfluraStamp - Kouichi by ashfluraKouKou Stamp by NowellsStamps

The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra
Aang Stamp by avatar-01 by avatar-fanI love Katara Stamp by patronustripZuko by SpazzlySokka by ovstampsThe Blind Bandit-Toph Stamp by MexicanSushiAvatar: The Legend of Aang-Korra Intro-Stamp by MexicanSushiAvatar: The Legend of Korra Opening Stamp by MexicanSushiAang Stamp by LithestepLegend Of Korra: Avatar state by DbzbabeDeal With It by ShinyCationLegend of Korra Stamp by moonprincesslunaAvatar Wan Stamp by meecle

Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts II Stamp by andrisscaRokuShi DDD stamp by CLFFSora Stamp by CLFFRiku stamp by SitarPlayerIXKairi Stamp by CLFFOrganization XIII Stamp by SweetDukekingdom hearts stamp 2 by kaitasticSecret Cave Drawings Evolution Stamp by HeartlessKairiStamp: Young Sora and Riku by troisnyxetienne

Code Lyoko
Code Lyoko Stamp by WildSpiritWolfPulsations Stamp by BelievingIsSeeingEnergy Field Stamp by BelievingIsSeeingAelita Support Stamp by BelievingIsSeeingYumi Support Stamp by BelievingIsSeeingUlrich Support Stamp by BelievingIsSeeingAn Odd Support Stamp by BelievingIsSeeingJeremie Support Stamp by BelievingIsSeeingWilliam Support Stamp by BelievingIsSeeing

W.I.T.C.H 5 by princess-femi-stampsW.I.T.C.H 28 by princess-femi-stampsWill Wandom stamp 1 by TkaczkaIrma Lair stamp by TkaczkaTaranne Cook stamp by TkaczkaCornelia Hale Stamp by TkaczkaW.I.T.C.H 24 by princess-femi-stampsW.I.T.C.H 38 by princess-femi-stampsW.I.T.C.H 8 by princess-femi-stampsW.I.T.C.H 27 by princess-femi-stampsW.I.T.C.H 9 by princess-femi-stampsW.I.T.C.H 34 by princess-femi-stampsW.I.T.C.H 12 by princess-femi-stampsW.I.T.C.H 26 by princess-femi-stampsW.I.T.C.H 4 by princess-femi-stampsW.I.T.C.H 37 by princess-femi-stampsW.I.T.C.H 6 by princess-femi-stampsW.I.T.C.H 25 by princess-femi-stampsW.I.T.C.H 36 by princess-femi-stampsW.I.T.C.H 10 by princess-femi-stampsW.I.T.C.H 7 by princess-femi-stamps

Winx Club

Bloom Stamp by kaorinyaplzR: Layla Stamp by kaorinyaplzR: Stella Stamp by kaorinyaplzMusa Stamp by kaorinyaplzR: Flora Stamp by kaorinyaplzR: Tecna Stamp by kaorinyaplzRoxy Stamp by kaorinyaplzDaphne Fan Stamp 4 by kaorinyaplz

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
MLP FIM Stamp. by Pinky1babeFriendship IS Magic by MistrallaMLP: Twilight Sparkle by JanbearpigMLP: AppleJack stamp by JanbearpigMLP: Pinkie Pie stamp by JanbearpigMLP: Rainbow Dash stamp by JanbearpigMLP: Rarity stamp by JanbearpigMLP: Fluttershy stamp by JanbearpigPrincess Celestia Stamp by jewlechoPrincess Luna Stamp by jewlechoPrincess Cadance Stamp by jewlecho

Monster High
MH - Frankie Stein by EllisStampcollectionMH - Draculaura by EllisStampcollectionMH - Clawdeen Wolf by EllisStampcollectionMH - Lagoona Blue by EllisStampcollectionMH - Ghoulia Yelps by EllisStampcollectionMH - Cleo de Nile by EllisStampcollectionMH - Abbey Bominable by EllisStampcollectionMH - Toralei Stripe by EllisStampcollectionMH - Meowlody and Purrsephone by EllisStampcollectionMH - Nefera de Nile by EllisStampcollectionMH - Spectra Vondergeist by EllisStampcollectionMH - Venus McFlytrap by EllisStampcollectionMH - Robecca Steam by EllisStampcollectionMH - Rochelle Goyle by EllisStampcollectionMH - Operetta by EllisStampcollectionMH - C.A. Cupid by EllisStampcollectionMH - Howleen Wolf by EllisStampcollectionMH - Skelita Calaveras by EllisStampcollectionMH - Jinafire Long by EllisStampcollectionMH - Catrine DeMew by EllisStampcollectionMH - Twyla by EllisStampcollectionMH - Gigi Grant by EllisStampcollectionMH - Catty Noir by EllisStampcollectionMH - Sarah Screams by EllisStampcollectionElissabat by EllisStampcollectionMH - Honey Swamp by EllisStampcollectionMH - Clawdia Wolf by EllisStampcollectionMH - Viperine Gorgon by EllisStampcollectionMH - Jane Boolittle by EllisStampcollection

Ever After High
Ever After High Stamp by kaorinyaplzRoyals Fan by kaorinyaplzRebels Fan by kaorinyaplzEAH - Apple White by EllisStampcollectionEAH - Raven Queen by EllisStampcollectionEAH - Briar Beauty by EllisStampcollectionEAH - Madeline Hatter by EllisStampcollectionEAH - Ashlynn Ella by EllisStampcollectionEAH - Blondie Lockes by EllisStampcollectionEAH - Cedar Wood by EllisStampcollectionEAH - Cerise Hood by EllisStampcollectionEAH - C.A. Cupid by EllisStampcollection


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Name: Galistar07water (or just galistar)
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Age: 25
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Religion: Buddhist
Location: Southern California
Occupation: Assistant tutor/Tutor in English and history
Hobbies: Read, Write, Draw, and Study films
Favorite Films: The Godfather, Inception, Titanic, The Lord of the Ring films, Beauty and the Beast, and many more... :boogie:
Favorite Books: A lot, too much to list
What I hate: the Twilight series and M. Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender :fork:
Favorite Comic series: Disney's W.i.t.c.h. duh! ;P

Current Residence: Southern California, United States of America
Favorite music artists Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, Adele, and Justin Timberlake
Favorite genre of music: A lot of types, okay?
Favorite style of art: Too many to list
MP3 player of choice: Walkman (I don't like iPods)
Favorite cartoon character: I have too many to list
Personal Quote: If an artist's inspiration lacks uniqueness, then his work shall lack rareness.

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Cars (2006)


Perhaps I am being too merciful by giving this film a rating of three out of four stars. Despite being one of my least favorite Disney Pixar films so far, I couldn't bring myself to hate it. Let's get one thing straight, I don't think Cars is anywhere as great as Toy Story, Finding Nemo, or The Incredibles, but it's most certainly not the worst Pixar film I've seen. (*Cough*...Cars 2.) John Lasseter is back and this time, he brought another film about inanimate objects to the big screen. Unlike the first two Toy Story films where it's revealed that your own toys come alive when you're not around, this film isn't about cars doing the same thing. In fact, there are no humans or animals in this film. The cars ARE the humans and the animals are tractors, fly-cars, and...other farming vehicle. Yes, I do think it's weird as well, but unlike the Nostalgia Critic, I really don't mind that much so long as the story plot satisfied me. And that's what Cars did here. It's not as brilliant, but it's decent and quite enjoyable in my opinion.

We have a rookie red race car bigshot named Lightnight McQueen (Owen Wilson) who dreams of winning his first major race by getting the Piston Cup. If he can beat his rivals Chick "Thunder" Hicks (Michael Keaton) and the soon-to-be-retired champion The King (Richard Petty), McQueen will land himself with a bigger sponsor team called Dinaco (remember that gas station in Toy Story?) than his old and unglamorous one, Rust-Eze. Clearly, Lightning McQueen has let all the fame gone to his head as he constantly condescends his pit-stop crew, fired several of his crew chiefs, and hates old rusty cars. He's so selfish that he doesn't have any friends as the closest one he ever had before he arrived in Radiator Spring is his driver, Mack (John Ratzenberger).

One their way to Los Angeles for the tie-breaker final race, Mack accidentally lost McQueen on the freeway and as the bigshot race car tries to find his way back, he ends up in a forgotten town called Radiator Spring located on the historical Route 66. Unfortunately, he accidentally tore up and destroyed parts of the town and its road in a panic and is sentenced to community service by fixing the road. Stuck in this little forgotten town in the middle of no-where, McQueen encountered its colorful inhabitants including a rusty tow-truck Mater (Larry the Cable Guy); the town's physician and judge Doc Hudson (Paul Newman), an attorney and inn keeper named Sally (Bonnie Hunt); the owners of a paintjob shop and a gas station named Ramone (Cheech Marin) and his wife Flo (Jennifer Lewis); two Italian tires store owners who are obsessed with Ferrari sports cars Luigi (Tony Shalhoub) and Guido (Guido Quaroni); the town's old Sherrif (Michael Wallis); Sarge (Paul Dooley); Fillmore (George Carlin); the town's founder's widow Lizzie (Katherine Helmond); and shy and quiet firetruck Red (Joe Ranft).

The messages in this film is clear. It's all about what we've lost and that life is better in the good old days when you're not rushing here and there. Sometimes, it's just best to take a drive across the country with your family like in the good old days and enjoy to view. Sadly, this film does parallel to what really happened to Route 66 as it was and still is one of America's longest road. Back then, we just like to drive our cars to enjoy the scenery and the land around us. But when the interstates were built, the little town of Radiator Spring practically disappeared from the map. Many cars left and those that remained hoped to get more customers someday. Little did they knew that they only need a lightning strike when Lightning McQueen stumbled on their town. While "being held captive" to serve community service, McQueen also lost something; his pride and his ego as he learned to appreciate and love his new friends to the point that he doesn't want to go to California. Not only did he fell in love with Sally and became great friends with Mater, but he also discovered that Doc Hudson was once the famous race car that won three Piston Cups in the fifties before his big crash in 1954. It seemed that the inhabitant of this town also needed to learn a lesson or two from this newcomer as Doc Hudson found the courage to return to face the racing world he left behind.

Taking on the role as McQueen's new crew chief and the towns people his new pit-stop crew, Lightning McQueen found his new reason to win his first race. I won't give away who won the final race, but I will admit that I find McQueen's sacrifice very noble. The end result does make this film more profound and redeemable. With the race finally over, McQueen decided to use his newfound fame to help Radiator Spring reappear on the map by getting in new customers, tourists, and calling in a helicopter ride for Mater.

This film does have its own charm and although it's not as magical or surreal as some of Disney Pixar's previous films, it does has its moments. The only thing that I don't like is its pacing. Let's face it, the story felt very tedious. The entire first part of the film where McQueen raced felt like an hour before the main character ended up in Radiator Spring. From there, it felt even more tedious and long, one that nearly bored me to death had it not have some decent characters to remember by.

What can I say about Cars? It's decent, fun, and charming, but watching the entire thing made me feel like I'm driving extra slow on the slow lane.

Journal History


The Heart (Contest) by Shricka
by Shricka

This fan art is a gorgeous piece that depicts the beautiful relationship between Will's heart and the Heart of Kandrakar. At the same t...

Hypnotic Will (Contest) by Shricka
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This piece of work, in my opinion, is a bundle of many things. For one, it is visually suspenseful, making one wonder how will the Keep...

their perfect moments by caroll-in

The lines and the coloring are bold and strong just like the couple in this picture. And while some of the details of the roof tiles in...

Legend of Korra by YoriNarpati

A visual work of art that captures the fluidity of not just the elements but the characters as well. The color and lighting effects are...

Let It Go


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Thanks, glad that you like my work.
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